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Corvallis, OR.

2022.01.23 02:02 starving_artist_13 Corvallis, OR.

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2022.01.23 02:02 redditreader204 Can someone make an AroAce background?

Could someone please make a pretty – very subtle AroAce background?
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2022.01.23 02:02 Initial-Psychology-2 what is your most favorite thing in the tds community

put your answers in the comments
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2022.01.23 02:02 Prize_Doctor_8963 Need help and motivation

(18M)I am loosing motivation and hope of overcoming social anxiety ever in this life. So, anyone of u who have successfully overcome social anxiety , I request him to tell how he did that. I am trying to go in public situation with confidence by every time things never change in better way except increase in anxiety.It will be a very great help for me to know how someone overcome . HELP ME PLEASE !!😭😭
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2022.01.23 02:02 Irvingmsaa Schedule messages

I came over iPhone after being a solid Android user for more than 15 years. While I am enjoying my iPhone, one of the features I miss is being able to schedule messages. Anyway to do this in iOS?
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2022.01.23 02:02 voicethrowhmmm 26[M4F] Deep Voice, Casual Chat

Just looking for a casual conversation and some fun, if your shy I can take the lead and make the transition to other stuff easier. 20+ only. looking to talk right now so pm me your ASL
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2022.01.23 02:02 cryptocalbot Cooperation - Royal Gold (RGOLD): January 23, 2022 5:17 PM UTC

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2022.01.23 02:02 Chev2thelev85 Pre Hire and other questions

I know this question has probably been asked hundreds of times, but aside from my I-9 documents, drug test, and background test, what should I expect? I did my badge photo on my phone but they may wanna retake it. Is it like a standard interview? Or do they ask different questions like personality wise? Also another question, I have a co worker at my current job who worked for Amazon for 30 days and was let go because he forgot to do some kind of process (I forgot what it was called) cause he was hired by a third party employment service (not sure if thats the same for everyone here but thats the thrid party will conduct my pre hire stuff at a location different than the warehouse). Should I wear nice clothes, or will just jeans and a t shirt be okay? Will be an Amazon employee after the pre hire or my predicted start date of February 6?
If I do get hired, what are benefits like and about how much are they (I'm in Tennessee if that helps). And are mandatory overtime days always on the same day, or do they varry? And in terms of money and growth, do they promote internally and do they give annual raises, performance based raises, a combo of the two, or is it more of like a seniority deal? In terms of workload should I be concerned? I am very much wanting/needing a full time job cause I don't have health insurance, do I think I could power through but I heard stories from others and a story from my coworker that it was considered so hard that a lot of people just quit day one.
Sorry for all the questions, I just wanna get a better grasp on what to expect, and thank you for any tips and advice
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2022.01.23 02:02 dustirianoire Walked Through the Ghost in Phasmophobia

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2022.01.23 02:02 ceekaj The Packers Fanbase after tonight.

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2022.01.23 02:02 Icy_Moose2929 Can someone be like this?? Please Read

Best friend who claimed he is in failed marriage started developing feelings for me and got separated and we jumped into a relationship right away. We both were soulmates. Emotional connection and physical connection was beyond perfect. We enjoyed each other company. But then when his parents started forcing to get back with wife and wife started defaming him every where. He got lot of pressure and went to depression. I was his only happiness and hope. Everything he built In past few years started falling apart coz of his separation. He at times missed his wife and he still loved here. But at the same time he said he wants to have a future with me he wants me the most he will get over her. I believed every word of him right from the beginning. Things getting worse r and worse in his side and he tried to break up with me multiple times saying my parents is important to me I can’t betray them. He is the first person who I truly loved and felt what a real love will feel. Every time he said that I broke down but next day he will be back to me saying he couldn’t stay away from me. He wants me the most. One fine day he was talking all sweet as usual and wanted me to be with him always. Three hour later I got a call from him and he said I don’t wanna talk with you anymore don’t try to reach out to me I’m getting back with my wife and he disconnected. I was in utter shock. Later that night he texted me and said he just said what his parents asked him to say and his life is meant to be miserable and broke up with me in 2 sentence. I was completely devastated. 2 days later his wife reached out to me and asked me whether we were dating and I told her all the truth and I was crying like hell. Then through her I got to know all these days he was trying to reach to her and get back with her several time but he did it behind my back. He even slept with her multiple times and behind my back and never confessed to me. So many lies so many lies to me and to her wife. We both were so shocked to learn from each other and confronted him and he agreed to some part and still denied many. He said he loved me but since he is clearly in love with his wife he wanna choose his wife over me. Both of us were so crushed . He asked sorry multiple times and said I cheated I lied I ruined your life I’m sorry. And since his wife already filed fr a divorce he decided to give divorce to her and quit seeing me. I still couldn’t believe he did this. Never in my dream I thought he would do such thing. Only person who I loved the most betrayed me and threw me away like I’m nothing. The void he left in me is beyond measurable. I don’t want him but I still love him the most. He blocked me in every possible way today and I couldn’t cope up with the pain. I miss him terribly it’s been 4 days since I slept two days since I eat. I couldn’t stop loving him couldn’t hate him for all the lies and betrayal. How someone can love two people and sleep with both of them and say to both of them that he wants them. It’s hurting to accept the reality. Can someone do like this out of confusion and couldn’t decide who they want??
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2022.01.23 02:02 cryptocalbot Cooperation - Royal Gold (RGOLD): January 23, 2022 5:17 PM UTC

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2022.01.23 02:02 Retirednotdeadyet Stop with the stupid Progressive ads!

All of them…My dog goes beserk every freaking time Flo rings the bell at her obnoxious sister’s house. The sister is of course, Flo in disguise. Could it get any dumber? Can’t they afford to pay another actress? The ‘young homeowners turning into their parents’ ads are getting old and so are the people portraying the young homeowners. The guy’s got a bald spot for heaven’s sake.
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2022.01.23 02:02 ChrisGross88 Best CB

View Poll
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2022.01.23 02:02 chaluunion കൊയ്ത്ത് പാട്ട് കേൾക്കാൻ ഇയർ ഫോൺ വെച്ചതാ!! 😌😌 Credits: Sunoop Sudhakaran #currentaffairs #politics #people ©ICU

കൊയ്ത്ത് പാട്ട് കേൾക്കാൻ ഇയർ ഫോൺ വെച്ചതാ!! 😌😌 Credits: Sunoop Sudhakaran #currentaffairs #politics #people ©ICU submitted by chaluunion to chaluunion [link] [comments]

2022.01.23 02:02 SilentTyphoon Cleared my first Super2 level! I’m still working on other teams, but my current team hasn’t done too badly so far

Cleared my first Super2 level! I’m still working on other teams, but my current team hasn’t done too badly so far submitted by SilentTyphoon to DokkanBattleCommunity [link] [comments]

2022.01.23 02:02 Disastrous_Let_7338 Trading frostbite btd and creeper queen btd for deimos kc (I can add max roka and arrow if wanted)

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2022.01.23 02:02 Wutbot1 Wutbot on "Crescent, Moon": [r/spaceporn] Crescent moon captured right after sunset

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2022.01.23 02:02 LeeCloud27 Patchouli Knowledge

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2022.01.23 02:02 mongeyo I really want to play titanfall 2 on ps4(multiplayer mode) but no one is connecting to my console, Respawn fix please

Respawn please fix the server’s please do the community a favour and don’t let it die… it’s your legacy after all.
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2022.01.23 02:02 amylilac Is the Broad College of Business binding?

basically i got their direct admission offer but im not sure if im going to msu for sure.. can anyone help me out?
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2022.01.23 02:02 ghhbf Sublime Fuzzies have always treated me well. Quality pre rolls, every time

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2022.01.23 02:02 sanitarystapler Added auxiliary/reverse/marker lights.

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2022.01.23 02:02 HelicopterFriendly28 Why do schools in western countries don't have a uniform?

I'm just being curious
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2022.01.23 02:02 Beautiful-Mix-2252 Good one, Sir

Often there is no more than a little plaque to reveal that, against all gynecological probability, someone very famous was born halfway up a wall.
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