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2022.01.23 02:07 captainsponch 😬😬😬

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2022.01.23 02:07 Maurio7550 Oh you don't know WHAT KARLSON ISSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS

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2022.01.23 02:07 EagleHunter44- Ulphiell is Curious about us Hooman

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2022.01.23 02:07 blobtron Why did they pour water on the palm tree in the baking sun when it would just evaporate?

Why didn’t they do it at night? Or maybe pour it down a tube that would irrigate the soil a few feet under the surface? Was there no better way? If it was really 130 degrees or whatever, those spoon fulls of water weren’t doing anything.
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2022.01.23 02:07 DarkKnightTazze Can someone help me make a good Discord server.

So I need a server for a Divison 2 clan but I am god awful and making a decent Discord server, could anybody help?
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2022.01.23 02:07 Vincent-Dawn Why are some anime's seasons fractured?

I've noticed that a few seasons of different anime have been licensed by different companies. For example each season of Teasing Master Takagi-san has been licensed by three different companies (Funimation, Netflix, and Sentai in order of their seasons), while Shokugeki no Soma has been licensed by Sentai (seasons 1-2) and Crunchyroll (season 3-5) with Sentai still handling the dub despite the license change.
I'm wondering how and why this happens and how other companies (mainly Funimation) have prevented other seasons of anime like My Hero Academia and Attack on Titan from being from being licensed by other companies.
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2022.01.23 02:07 jochi-i Suggested lore/critiques for Corea

So I’m a Korean history nerd and want to suggest lore for Corea in RTL!
The Monarchy

List of Late Tsjosjan Kings (1623-1883)
Indjo (1623-1649)
Seongdjong (1649-1690)
Sindjong (1690-1704)
Hyondjo (1704-1724)
Yondjo (1724-1776)
Jondjo (1776-1800)
Indjong (1800-1833)
Kjangdjo (1833-1865) (changed from Kjangmoen)
Hjosdjang (1865-1883)
History (1608-1859) 1608: The Uniform Tax Law is implemented, increasing government revenue. Diplomatic relations with Japan are re-established.
1640s: As a part of peace negotiations, Crown Prince Sohyeon, a Tsjosjan prince held hostage by the Qing, is shipped to Hollandia. He is exposed to new science, philosophies, and theological concepts. A few months before the death of the Prince’s father, King Indjo, he arrives in Hansjang with the support of reformist factions and Dutch colonialists in Tauland.
Sohyeon’s younger brother, Prince Bongrim, declares his support for Sohyeon’s enthronement upon his arrival in the capitol. When King Indjo dies in 1649, Crown Prince Sohyeon is made King Seongdjong [성종]. He is forced to give up his Catholicism and display his adhere to Confucianism. However, Seongdjong and his supporters successfully reconciliate with the Qing and formally recognize their Mandate of Heaven.
1653: Hendrick Hamel is shipwrecked on Cheju. He is brought to the Corean court and works, at the request of King Seongdjong, in the Hall of Worthies from 1653 to 1676.
1691: The Dutch would begin subtly supporting the pro-Western Southerner Party [남인] during the 1690s. Their opponents, the Sarim, were mainly based in the southeastern Yeongnam region, where Poesjan (Busan) is located. The Sarim’s Confucian domination of Corean academia would be lessened by Dutch influence.
From 1660 to 1720, the Sarim Party would splinter into many small factions, fighting over petty things and becoming increasingly corrupt. The Corean population has increased by over 2 million during this era. Mercantile activities make up 60% of the economy, and merchant associations are common in urban areas for all social classes.
1710: The Corean state cedes Yeong Island (off the coast of Poesjan) to the Dutch East India Company. Not far away in the Choryang district, a Japanese merchant enclave exists.
1771: Progressive scholar Park Je-ga visits China and Tauland during the Pirate Wars. He notes the structure of the States-General, Dutch fortifications, and the incompetent naval forces of the Qing dynasty. Returning to Corea, he composes Observations of Great Qing and Little Anping (1778).
1776: Dutch and Tauuan scholars are employed in the newly established Royal Library. Works and experiments on mechanical sciences, chemistry, anatomy, geography, and political sciences were developed greatly.
The Corean Catholic Church is founded in 1782. The Congregationalist Church of Corea, following the Calvinist tradition, is founded in 1788. Anti-Christian riots occur across the southern provinces in 1792, 1799, 1801, and 1811.
1834: The civil service examinations are abolished in favor of a recommendation system. This was advocated for centuries, most notably by the scholars Yoo Hyeong-won, Yi Ik, & Park Je-ga, with the support of Dutch scholars.
1841: The first modern medical school is established in Hansjang with the help of foreign doctors, called the Chedjungwon [제중원]. Its honorary patron, Jeong Yak-yeong of the Seongho School of the silhak tradition, was instrumental in its foundation and modern Corean medical research.
The first recognizable Corean diaspora appears. Major overseas Corean communities live in Tauland, Russia, and China. Siam, the Philippines, the Netherlands, and Mexican California host smaller Coreaansdorps (Koreatowns).
1850: Around 84% of the population is considered freedmen, while 15% are peasants and just 1% are counted as slaves (compared to OTL 70/28/2 split). Around 20% of the Korean population is estimated to be Christian, alone or in syncretism with Confucian & shamanistic traditions.
1859: Hangaang University [한강대학교] is founded. Initially claiming to be founded on Christian values, it was amended to become a secular state institution a few months later due to opposition from the Tsjosjan government.
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2022.01.23 02:07 AldyGanesen Hello, I'm currently aiming for 85 Emerson to shift the formation into 4-3-3 attack. Since Foden will be CAM, any suggestions for LB and RW?

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2022.01.23 02:07 Pleasant_Material_84 Season Of The Splicer Soundtrack (Guitar Cover)

I made this a while back, so far one of my most favorite Destiny2 projects I've worked on.
Let me know what you think... Maybe we can make it a #MOTW ?
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2022.01.23 02:07 Vanilla_Shakes After effects will not install

Hi. I have just gotten my 7 day free trial on Adobe after effects. And I went into my creative cloud app to download after effects from there, but it keeps bringing up a message saying error downloading. Installation, change file location. So I did that multiple times and cleared a fee major apps of my device to ensure there is enough room, but it still says the same thing. The laptop I am using for it is an ASUS Notebook F402B and it is 64-bit operating system (windows 10). So it can't be that. I'm just not sure what else to do. Or why this is till happening. If anyone knows what it going on it would help alot. Thankyou
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2022.01.23 02:07 WhatThe_Why Pass/fail or scored - test Monday

Taking test Monday. Have had good scores but not feeling confident as I haven’t even made it through first aid or done any wrongs from Uworld. My dedicated study time was cut short by the p/f change. Applying to a competitive speciality and goal would be > 250.
Uw1: 254 Nbme 26: 240 Nbme 27: 245 Nbme 28: 245 Nbme 29: 254 Nbme 30: 254 Uw2: 264
Push back date or take the test?
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2022.01.23 02:07 avi550m How much frame drops can I expect moving from a 1920 x 1080 24 inch to a 2560 x 1080 29 inch ultrawide on an RTX2060?

I’m looking to move to a 29 inch ultra wide for gaming and video editing. I currently run an RTX2060 on a 24 inch FHD and can play most Titles at over 60fps on high. How much of a frame drop can I expect moving to a 2560 x 1080 resolution if I retain the same graphical settings on games, I consider anything less than 50 fps to be a bit noticeable, so I would like to stick above that when playing.
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2022.01.23 02:07 HistAnsweredBot how does looking at gender help better understand history?

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2022.01.23 02:07 bumchala Is there a difference between Наконец and Наконец то?

I'm having trouble figuring out what exactly the то is doing there
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2022.01.23 02:07 Creepy-Ad6771 Chronic pain self medicator.

Anyone that can lead me to a res.e.arch che.m for a severely wounded vet I'd appr it
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2022.01.23 02:07 ImAmericasSweetheart Am I A Lesbain Or Bi?

Hey, so I'm rethinking my sexuality. I thought I was Bi, but now I'm beginning to think I'm a Lesbian. Here's the low down, I find myself attracted to females 99.8% of the time. To be honest, I thought that some men were good-looking/handsome, but I wasn't attracted to them. Only one time I was "attracted", by attraction I just wanted to have sex with him just to see what sex is like with a guy (I'm a virgin). Usually, the thought of kissing and having sex with a guy kinda grosses me out. Even when I was "attracted" to him, I never wanted to have a relationship with him. When it comes to women, I want a relationship with them, and the thought of kissing and sex doesn't gross me out. I see myself marrying a woman and not a guy. So with that beginning said, Do you think I need to find the right guy? or Do you think I'm bi or a lesbian?
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