spirit halloween

2022.01.23 03:15 hmmhmm25 spirit halloween

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2022.01.23 03:15 Alternative-Earth-89 Scratched brass coating on coffee table

We have a coffee table that is advertised as "brushed brass metal" but it seems to have a coating on it that makes it look tarnished/antique, and it's not the brass itself that is brushed.
It has scratched very easily. Most to date are fine, barely noticeable, but I just scratched it very bady/deeply. The scratch is a few mm thick and about as long as my pinky. 7nderneat is a completely different colour to the coating. It's a dull golden yellow compared to the brass brushing on top.
Any ideas how to fix? My partner says it's ruined....
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2022.01.23 03:15 Fancy-Needleworker44 Possibly starting accutane

My doctor wants to put me on accutane. I’m a bit nervous because of seeing some people purging before it gets better. I normally have cystic acne so a purge of that kind is painful. Any tips? Also I’m scared of going through with it, finishing the treatment, and having acne resurface. Has anyone experienced this?
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2022.01.23 03:15 onetoomanyclicks How much modeling do you do?

Hola, all. Long time redditor new to this sub. PE in OR (US) and the main thing I struggle with is the absolute refusal of my fellow Geo’s to learn CAD. I’m assuming it’s a generational thing for my crew but thought I’d throw it out there.
And by modeling I mean incorporation of drilling results into multi disciplinary 3D models.
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2022.01.23 03:15 heavenspuerta help needed

Hello, I am looking for a plant called combretum micranthum, or maybe more commonly known as kinkeliba. I know the leaves are easy to find online but I'm having trouble finding seeds or an actual plant, if anyone knows where I can find some that would be very appreciated.
And I know there's one etsy post claiming to be some seeds, but the pictures are off google so I'm not sure.
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2022.01.23 03:15 That_Car_Dude_Aus Does Tesla have the capability to turn off/brick cars they don't like?

So I was discussing this with some friends the other day about taking a whole model 3 and using everything, computers, interior, motors, battery, etc in a kit car.
Thinking the car would think it's still a Tesla.
Maybe there's a business in this, who knows, I recently retired from one job, not so keen to start working again, but hey, I might get bored.
Anyways, they were pointing out that Tesla is "renowned" for removing features which is in part concerning, to me that's like saying "Oh, no, you crashed it, so we don't ever want it to go fast again, we're taking the turbochargers" or they remove features that were part of the car, like a Ludicrous package.
Which to me is akin to say, Ford coming to my house and saying "You never paid us for this bodykit or rim package, so we're taking it back, also, we took your V8 and put a V6 in it"
The other concern they said was

You know Tesla can just get the shits at what you're doing if you make this a business, turn off all the cars and give you some angry customers? They could also just do this is you make one and stick it all over Instagram.
Now I did some googling about Tesla remotely disabling cars, and let's be fair, if a car deserved it from Tesla's perspective, it was probably ICE-T
I found a 2019 Quora Article which basically says Tesla won't shut down even stolen cars.
I then found this Reddit Thread on it from a Tesla group, which had a lot more varied conversation, but a lot about removing the SIM, however I'm looking at a Model 3, which uses eSim, so no SIM to remove.
Either way, if I build 1 or 100, I want to build something out of a Model 3, personally, if I buy it, I should be able to do whatever the hell I want with it.
I mean, if it works, and others like it, hell, I might build kits. I'm retired these days, but might go back to work if it's worth it.
But I'm told that no, I can buy the car and I can't do what I want with it because even if I'm the second, third, fourth owner after a bunch of individuals, an insurance company, am auction house, etc...by simply owning one I have a contract with Tesla to only do certain things.
Funnily enough, a lot of people say you "have a contract you agree to" but I can't actually find one online to say what I can and can't do if I buy a salvage one, it's in the computer of the cars or in the app when I link a car. Which is a bit late to decide I don't agree isn't it?
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2022.01.23 03:15 paulllll 2021 recap of my cyberpunk-inspired motion pieces -

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2022.01.23 03:15 LaxNorthland Am I being unreasonable?

Hey I am in my final semester of a bioinformatics master’s program, and I am entering this semester with a 4.0. Over winter break my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. With that information before the semester started I asked my only professor for an accommodation to be online for his classes so that I may graduate while caring for my mother. This same professor allowed another student in my program to take their final semester online last semester because they had a job and bills, so I thought he would have no problem with accommodating me. Commuting from my home to school is out of the question as I live 3.5 hours away from my school and a 7 hour trip a day is not feasible for me. After my first contact he responded with “The class is in person and he requires me to come to class.” Then he suggested a meeting to discuss the situation further. In the meeting he showed up late and told me he wasn’t going to help me at all unless I get academic affairs to give him an “exception”, after all that he then suggests I drop out instead. After this meeting I immediately went to academic affairs and asked for an “exception” and expressed my concern over his callous response. The associate Vice President told me there was no such thing as an exception and that it was his class room and everything is up to his discretion. Then I went to student affairs to voice my complaints where I was put into contact with the Vice President of academic affairs and told to file a grievance. On the grievance form I detailed that I felt singled out and selectively mistreated. I also recently discovered that another student is online this semester because they are in the military and he’s forced to allow them online classes. In addition, another student who is not in the military is being allowed to go to class online this semester because they have work. For the first week of classes we were online, my professor posts his lectures online, and we submit our assignments online or by email. I just found out tonight that Thursday (before I gave him grievance form) he sent everyone who is graduating graduation information except for me. All throughout this process I have tried to work out an informal resolution with this professor but he’s refused any type of solution even after seeing a full medical recommendation from my mother’s oncologist and acted as though I am being unreasonable. Friday I gave him the grievance form for him to fill out he essentially put “The class is listed as in person, StudentX is online because they are in the military” in the Faculty response and recommendations section. Am I being unreasonable in feeling mistreated and targeted by my professor?
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2022.01.23 03:15 Trauma-Hunter I am so angry about being autistic. I don’t understand anything

So I try and post about my trauma so I made a list about it yet Everyone downvoted it.
When I try and do my chem assignments I can’t do them
When I try and understand something I can’t do that.
I give up. I give up on school. I give up on getting a gf. I give up Solving my trauma. I give up, I give up, I give up.
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2022.01.23 03:15 Beta_Ray_999 Does anyone have any cool custom cards they’ve come up with?

I know I’ve personally made my own lists of what I would want in a set for Eternals, Hawkeye, black panther, Daredevil, Black Widow, and Iron Man sets, but has anyone actually gone all the way to make like custom Kate Bishop cards or something?
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theory: the owners and mods died of covid and this subreddit has no human moderation
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2022.01.23 03:15 tonytotojnrshabadoo Not sure if this is a fossil or mineral - has been cut and polished to 4*3*0.5cm. Pattern goes all the way through to the other side. Anyone recognise it?

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2022.01.23 03:15 disco_tribe Samsung Phone Screen Issue - Probably due to Samsung Software Update - Batterygate like

Hi all. My Samsung galaxy Note 9 has this issue.
Backdrop: Purchased Galaxy Note 9 from Oman (Middle East Region) in September 2018, I relocated to India in 2020, Around November 2021 starts getting green tinted screen and occasional refresh rate drop kind of feel. By December 2021, screen totally turns green and becomes unusable after turning off and and turning back on. But turn on the screen after 15 secs wait, it works fine and back to normal (probable reason for a software issue). No physical damage on the screen or phone. Visits 2 Samsung authorized service centers in Kerala, India. Both of them give me weird and bizarre answers, I do some research and found out that this might be due to a software update of 2021 and 3 people in India and 1 guy in Indonesia(with the exact same problem and whom i personally contacted) got their display replaced free of cost and outside warranty period. To and fro conversation with Samsung India, No clear response from them, One executive tells me cannot be repaired because was the device was bought from outside and not India.
Currently, my phone is at a Samsung center since 1st week of January'22, awaiting further instruction from Samsung HQ. They have been trying to pin the blame on me for some time now based on this one scratch. This scratch happened in 2020 or something. Its a small surface impression on the aluminum side frame, size of a half mustard seed. Samsung in their telephonic conversation kept saying this dent on phone is causing all the issue. So I asked them to provide a detailed diagnosis report with video in mail. Yesterday i get a reply saying the the issue cannot be fixed free of cost (15k repair for screen) as the product was not purchased from India. It is also mentioned in Samsung India website under 'Overseas Products'.
This is an issue faced by thousands of premium samsung phone customers around the world. Samsung was slapped with 5 million euro fine by the Italian Authority for deliberately slowing down its old phones in the wake of Apple's 'Batterygate' controversy. Even though mine is not the same issue as mentioned in this article, one of Samsung updates surely damaged by phone. Also, if Samsung India repaired 3 similar issues free of cost, that too outside warranty, then that kind of, proves my point.
Question: Can I file a complaint to Consumer Court in India in this matter? If I can, how do I go about it? IS IT WORTH IT? Also, Is there any other way to go forward with this?
Thank you all.
Images of phone: https://imgur.com/a/JsMcl5O
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2022.01.23 03:15 d0lbaeki does anyone know why so many twice albums are out of stock?

so i’ve been looking for twicecoaster lane 1 and signal and they seem to be out of stock on a lot of sites 🥲 is it just cos the pandemic? the upcoming tour?
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2022.01.23 03:15 redminecraftbed [18F] Someone to share interests with, preferably just texting for now.

I'm not sure how this works but here this is. I have social anxiety and I don't like talking out loud, so my texting can be a bit dry, but a few questions about what I like can get the conversation going. I'll share my interests so people can know a bit more about me.
Favorite Anime and Manga - Mob Psycho 100, Monster, Attack on Titan, Banana Fish, Kill la Kill, Jujutsu Kaisen, NGE, Chainsaw Man
Favorite Games - Minecraft, Undertale, Deltarune, Sally Face, Persona 5, Stardew Valley, Earthbound, Mother 3, Danganronpa
Favorite Music Artist - TV Girl
Favorite Movies - Howl's Moving Castle, Princess Mononoke, Wall-E, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 1 & 2
Favorite YoutubeStreamer - Vinny Vinesauce
I also really enjoy analog horror like The Mandela Catalogue, Gemini Home Entertainment, Monument Mythos, and Local 58. And I am currently playing Chrono Trigger and Persona 5 Royal.
Sorry if this was a lot but I am super passionate about my interests and just want to go on and on about them to people when possible, but only if they're interested as well.
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2022.01.23 03:15 luayispotato Francabib Ngannoumedov

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2022.01.23 03:15 procryptoclass JPMorgan Exec on State of Crypto Market: ‘We Are Sitting in the ’Napster Age’

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2022.01.23 03:15 cherrybomb1024 [Homemade] Wontons in Red Oil

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2022.01.23 03:15 Yatsumi_Artz Trading robux for AMP

Mainly Looking for: Neon R cow🐄 NR turtle 🐢 NR kangaroo F frost furry!
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2022.01.23 03:15 tt_gtfoh Ya fucking with the hooka

Personally I don’t pull up if there’s no hook
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2022.01.23 03:15 whitestar11 Aaron Rodgers explaining why the Packers lost

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2022.01.23 03:15 john133435 An observatory in 1930 - Mt. Wilson

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2022.01.23 03:15 Stardancer86 Still miss you after all this time

It's soon to be a year since the last time we talked. We used to talk every single day. I will never understand what I did that was so wrong that you decided throw away everything we were. Of course I blame myself and you knew I would. Still, I miss you so much. I miss all of those talks about everything and nothing. I miss not being a part of your world. I wonder if you ever think about me and miss those same things. Probably not. I don't know why I keep holding on to the hope that you will come back. A fool's hope. I have no real hope for myself but I wish you all the best and hope that you have happiness in your life.
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2022.01.23 03:15 DONNY12hello Αρνακιιιιιιι

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2022.01.23 03:15 Throwawayking42069 Reddit meds to have a satire flair

I made this post as a joke and even marked it with the meme flair but people took it seriously
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