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[Recruiting] VNQ

2022.01.23 03:31 DaredAsh_COC [Recruiting] VNQ

💥🏴‍☠️The Vanquishers🏴‍☠️💥 Two clans: VNQ-9498
22RQLU99Y VNQ-Minis
2LVLG9CGG ⚔️Clash Till They’re Ash⚔️ 🗯attack strategically and with skill🗯follow directions and listen to leaders🗯don’t rush🗯th9 and above for VNQ-9498🗯mini accounts(th8 and below) join VNQ-Minis🗯 Mini account just made so not really best for people with only lower accounts
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2022.01.23 03:31 Groundbreaking_Mud24 Nice 20 bomb 👌🏾

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2022.01.23 03:31 Swimming_Resource828 Find a woman nowadays who isn't a whore challenge

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2022.01.23 03:31 ashssotru Please follow me on tiktok, I post videos of my anti-inflammatory diet and content pertaining to ulcerative colitis and autoimmune diseases. Thank you!

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2022.01.23 03:31 Miles-220 Hey Girl , Do you have a map?

I keep getting lost in your eyes.
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2022.01.23 03:31 Willing-Clock-8884 Just a funny content

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2022.01.23 03:31 Gernade_exe hey i'm not lying

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2022.01.23 03:31 annaliesedouglas i need karma 😭

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2022.01.23 03:31 popeenaa Our parents are visiting for a few months – any idea where they can renew this? They both got boosters

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2022.01.23 03:31 whinylexie Como regular meu horário de sono?

Eu tava conseguindo dormir no máximo 1h da manhã, mas eu tive uma "recaída" e fui dormir 5... minhas aulas começam dia 31... n sei oq fzer... pfv me ajudem eu to nessa situaçao desde q a pandemia começou kjkk
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2022.01.23 03:31 xtinasantillan What if about birth control

Just saw University of Utah Health may be able to offer birth control for men.
Imagine a part of a study for if birth control works and it doesn’t work, or you’re part of the control group…
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2022.01.23 03:31 Ok-Somewhere-9953 Why the PWM hate?

I’ve been lurking WSO and this sub for a while and noticed that PWM gets looked down upon a lot for mostly the wrong reasons. I don’t know whether people online are prestige obsessed, worried that a career pays slightly less or if they simply don’t know about PWM. As someone entering PWM at an EB I know what the comp, structure, progression etc is. So I’m going to address some myths and things I keep seeing people repeat over and over again.
1) “PWM is a bad career because it pays less than IB” It’s true that in general those working in IB will make more money than those working in PWM, however the comp in PWM varies A LOT depending on what firm you end up at and what role you’re assigned. I think a lot of the PWM guys online are working at lower tier firms and these types of positions really do pay poorly. You’re looking at like a $40k base + commissions. However, this is not the case if you’re at a higher end firm with a legit team. I’m going to be working at an EB and their all in comp they’re offering me is coming to around $100k. Is it lower than my IB counterparts? Of course it is. But is it really that bad to make $100k as a first year out of college? If so, then I think you’re living in a bubble.
2) “PWM is easier to break into”. Compared to IB it is easier for sure. The interviews are less technical and they generally are more willing to accept candidates from semi targets and non targets. This is probably the only criticism that I don’t disagree with. Maybe this makes IB guys mad? But PWM is still hard to break into if you’re applying to a BB or EB compared to your average American job.
3) Another thing people fail to mention are the better hours you get in PWM. In IB you’re going to be working 80 hour weeks and sometimes even more. In PWM my company is looking at 55-60 hours a week on average. I don’t mind working longer hours and I’m not trying to sound like some anti work dude, but if you’re really concerned about the extra $40k a year IB makes as a junior, you have an extra 20 hours a week to pick up a side hustle or do whatever you can if it’s not enough.
There’s a lot more I can bring up, but I’m tired of all the PWM hate. I honestly think people don’t know the industry very well since it’s not as mainstream and cookie cutter as IB or consulting, but it’s a freaking great career option that can make you millions down the road if you succeed and also offer a nice starting pay with good hours.
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2022.01.23 03:31 Kunstkurator The Baths of Caracalla in Rome, built in AD 212. (1803X1269)

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2022.01.23 03:31 CH33KC14PP3R96 Hell Raid

Need help in raid and want to know which heroes to build and what can be replaced wid what like just a general info. Thanks! Am f2p btw. And how many specialty change heroes can be used in it?
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2022.01.23 03:31 Haizakokaru Who is Giles in Pity Party?

Last 3 seconds of the video tells Giles to pull his hands out of his pants. Who's Giles?
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2022.01.23 03:31 knitslip 凯末尔和塔利班

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2022.01.23 03:31 MergenEnBilge RIP India Rework

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2022.01.23 03:31 s8xyg8rl Feeling cute🥀(Over 18)

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2022.01.23 03:31 sberder Air Pollution Reduces the Ability for Butterflies and Bees to Pollinate Flowers and Crops [r/science]

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2022.01.23 03:31 SixteenTimesTheTodd Praise Todd Howard

Praise The Legendary Game Developer Todd Howard
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2022.01.23 03:31 Affectionate_Year_14 Do your training guys 💀

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2022.01.23 03:31 Mofreedom420 Alice In Chains - Grind (Official Video) - YouTube Music

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2022.01.23 03:31 xtreak_xd I'm fine with people disliking me, it comes naturally to a straight, conservative, gamer who actually has a life and a girlfriend.

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2022.01.23 03:31 TinyAfternoon9507 "OH YOU'RE A WRESTLER NOW ?!"

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2022.01.23 03:31 pallabbose-blogger Red dress

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