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Jaguar mistakes Giant Otters for easy food.

2021.12.04 03:56 IamPotato14 Jaguar mistakes Giant Otters for easy food.

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2021.12.04 03:56 canned-bread-430 A steal at any price

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2021.12.04 03:56 ZEROStarVevo "Nine Caretakers in three and a half minutes, I only have twenty seconds for each"

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2021.12.04 03:56 creative_usrnme Spanish 2 Class

Right now I am in high school, and taking a Spanish 2 class. I’m worried I won’t pass it now because finials are approaching and I barely have a C in the class. The final will be testing everything we’ve learned this year, which is where this concern stems from. Even just the C in the class is badly weighing on my GPA as I am maintaining good grades in the rest of my classes, but it seems that I’ll spend hours and hours studying for tests only to get >50% on them. So my question comes down to, if I do get less than a C in the class, is there any way I can not report it on Collage Admissions?
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2021.12.04 03:56 Boil-san First homemade ramen...

First homemade ramen...
Order up...! ;^p
First go at homemade ramen...
I have watched a bunch of ramen videos on YouTube, and read thru the u/Ramen_Lord PDF a bunch...
Some shortcuts were taken, some decisions were made in regards to what was available to cook with...
Since I did not have a proper scale to weigh out components, there was a good bit of eyeballing going on...
Noodles were Simply Asia, because I could not get Sun Noodles from the only Asian market in town, and was not going to pay the exorbitant shipping...
Broth was boxed chicken stock, because I did not want to make a stock at this time...
Chashu was thick-cut bacon; braised then roasted...
I made a simple Dashi with water, dried shiitake mushrooms, & kombo...
Bamboo shoots were from a jar obtained at the local Asian market, Carol's Oriental Food & Gifts... Not sure if actual menma or not, packed in a mild chili oil...
Made an aromatic oil with sesame oil, garlic, ginger, & green onion; would go with a lighter oil next time...
Tare was soy sauce, mirin, shiitake mushrooms, kombu, & brown sugar...
The two funky looking egg halves, that was an egg that blew open immediately after I lowered it into the boiling water with a slotted spoon; but why waste an egg...?!? ;^p
Eggs were in an Equilibrium Brine overnight, I used that brine & the aromatics from the oil to braise the bacon; I did not want to use my tare for that because I did not want to transfer the nitrates & such over...?
The sliced shiitake mushrooms in the bowl were from the tare, a bit too much soy flavor in them for me; my son said they tasted like leathery teriyaki...?
The green onions are just green onions...! ;^p
I'll tell you what, homemade ramen, even with a few shortcuts, has a LOT of moving parts...!
Everyone enjoyed it, so I guess it turned out alright..
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2021.12.04 03:56 ZombieAgile Hi! I have a question lang po sa mga med-student po dito

I'm a Grade 11 STEM Student po right now and what's the best pre-med course po and how do it do it po ba? do i automatically enroll sa College of Medicine po ba?
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2021.12.04 03:56 FreddieMyBoy Toni Storm & Natalya Full Photoshoot

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2021.12.04 03:56 stout_ale Who wore it better?

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2021.12.04 03:56 NumberOneRussian Free Comedy Show in Industry City 12/4 7PM

A buddy of mine is producing a show at Sahadi's in Industry City. Free admission but I think they're trying to help the venue with drink/food sales so I assume the show's long term success depends on the audience supporting the business.
All the details about the location, time, and performers is here: https://www.instagram.com/p/CW12J-tM3nA/
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2021.12.04 03:56 creampieyourself SosMula Vs Comethazine Megathread

Since there’s now 100 posts daily in it let’s just all discuss this drama bullshit here.
Y’all hate me as a mod cause y’all say the r word and get homophonic and tell me I should leave this sub as a mod…but I’m a fan as much as y’all and I just want everyone to respect each other.
I’ve been a fan of the Morgue since 2017 and I have a Hell Or High Water tattoo on my arm, Listen…I don’t mean to upset y’all, but like I’m just trying to make this sub a comfortable place for everyone.
Thanks for listening
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2021.12.04 03:56 pineapplepizzasandy Pre-construction condo in metrotown vancouver

I am about to get a pre-construction condo in Vancouver metrotown, but need to get views on if it is a good investment or not.
Price: 1040000 (1.1M with GST) Sq. Ft: 870 Completion year: 2026 Deposit structure is three payments of 5% (now, 6 months, 1.5 years)
Would this be a good purchase?? I guess I am mostly worried abt the market crash. Please let me know if u need to know more details.
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2021.12.04 03:56 -___-_-_____--- Introducing VITC x Idena partnetship

Introducing VITC x Idena partnetship
Real people, real health
What is Idena? Idena is a cryptocurrency project that focuses on proving individual human users. To validate its users, Idena requires hodlers to login and solve captchas (flip-tests) at a specific timeframe. After a successfull validation, users can participate in mining and voting on Idena network.
Resources Idena FAQ IdenaDocs
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2021.12.04 03:56 VirusMaster3073 What if Castro didn't align with the USSR?

he'd still be communist
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2021.12.04 03:56 Trollex-exe What do y’all think?

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2021.12.04 03:56 AutoNewspaperAdmin [World] - Bitcoin and ether prices drop sharply, falling more than 10% | NBC

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2021.12.04 03:56 Anemeros Please fix the clipping through solid hedge rows!

I assumed that this was already known about but I didn't find anything when I searched for it on Google. A lot of the hedgerows, if not all of them, allow you to look through (and shoot through) them at certain angles if you're close enough to the mounds of dirt beneath them.
As you can imagine, this can be devastating to a team on the wrong side of it. I watched my team get mowed down by a machine gun through the geometry of the map for several minutes while people were trying to figure out where it was coming from. No one could return fire without flanking around to the other side of it.
I was able to recreate it with ease in several places on several maps and felt extremely dirty watching enemies approach completely unaware of my presence from the other side.
I think this has the potential to be a huge exploit, if it isn't already, and hope they fix it as soon as possible.
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2021.12.04 03:56 shmegshmurr Why is the $25,000 sunglasses lady interviewed in the new ABC special about Jen?

It sorta made sense that she was interviewed in the Erika special because she’s Beverly Hills adjacent but why is she on the new one about Jen? Is she just that desperate for airtime or money?
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2021.12.04 03:56 c0oChieN0 is gold pass worth the money? just bought it

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2021.12.04 03:56 PolyShaun Rumor Roundup: WWE pay, Elias return, WALTER on the main roster, more!

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2021.12.04 03:56 Gods_Shadow_mtg new ATH IBC at 80k

so, in spite (or because of it) of the recent market crash, cosmos actually reached 80k IBC transfers within the last 24h - which I believe to be a new milestone and ATH.
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2021.12.04 03:56 zaidrudyyy Piano players of Singapore. I have a question.

I’m lying in bed right now and my neighbour living above my flat has been tuning his piano for the past hour and a half.
Now I don’t play the piano so I’d just like to know if it’s something that you guys do before you start to play?
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2021.12.04 03:56 fireSagaa Have you ever been so far ahead and your crushing enemy and you solo every objective then your team ff trolls you?

Just played a game was dominating the match 1v5 (team afked and I was gonna win 1v5) and my team ff trolled me, was so lame.
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2021.12.04 03:56 fake-news9140 110 days no weed

In over 5 years I have not gone this long without smoking. During the first 15-20 days I noticed that I was sharper, had improved memory, and more energy. Day 20 to day 50 I gained memory and became more confident in myself. I now feel better about myself than I have in a while and spend less time laying in bed overanalyzing myself for that one thing I said or getting stoned to forget what was bothering me.
Something I wonder is how much it takes to notice memory problems and confidence dropping for me….
I am certainly happy with where I am at right now and am in no hurry to return to toking.
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2021.12.04 03:56 condensedBeans impressive that it can stick around for so long

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2021.12.04 03:56 Idk473808 Kind of a vent.

So this started off a while ago when a old player returned. He is a very experienced player and Dm for 4 years. He ended up talking with a king of the city the party was currently at and made a deal. So for a bit of background before this next part I am very relaxed with homebrew. So I allowed to be a red dragon . This race/class wasn’t that bad in reality. It just gave him a couple of spells and a bigger size class. But the king gave him like 1000gp so he could make a lair near the kingdom. Now he asked for lair actions and I let him have a few but very dulled down. But he ended up getting like 1000 Kobolds with the money and he had them mine down mountains. So he ended up getting a shit tone of gold from the kobolds and became super fucking rich. But because it is a high magic sheeting and he had a shit time of gold and minions. So he went out find a luck blade and get a wish spell. And he rolled a fucking 48 to find it so at that point I had to give it to him or else it would have been bullshit. But he used that wish sprell to become a red great worm. So he is now a red great worm and is using his money to find all king of shot because of his crazy high passive perception and minions. And it honestly pisses me off because I let it get so out of hand and know I don’t know what to do about it. And there’s nothing I can throw at the party without it being a literates because of him .
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