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I'm starting today and would like to know which weapons are the best and which are boring with less variety

Out of millions of games from thousands of genres, RPGs hold a very special place in the heart of many gamers around the globe. Action RPGs like The Witcher 3 and Skyrim played a huge role in the success of this genre. Similarly, adventure RPGs also made some buzz and they were really appreciated by the community because they had the caliber of a proper RPG. When I think of People Can Fly, I think of Bulletstorm, an absurdist FPS remembered a decade later for its outrageous weapons, like the crazy-ass drill gun that could be steered mid-air and ... A good mob mod that adds in a wide variety of different hostile and peaceful mobs has always been in high demand from the community, so there’s a lot of options to choose from. This article will take you through the 15 best Minecraft mob mods to bring your game to life. 15. Animania I know the general Point of them is to be slightly unnerved..But jesus Christ the undertones of the content and the implied lore backgrounds can be absolutely disturbing. Really feels disconnected from the entire game, and I suppose that's actual point. But going from "Hehe, I'm Ezio the Assassin." To "HERE'S A PICTURE OF THE GODDAMN MOON. With over 400 weapons in Warframe, it can often be hard to figure out which ones are the best. If you’re new to the game, it’ll seem impossible. This list of the best weapons in Warframe and how to acquire them is your go-to guide to outfitting yourself with the most powerful gear in game. In... Team Fortress 2, Battle for Wesnoth, and Xonotic are probably your best bets out of the 22 options considered. "Completely free to download and play any existing section of the game" is the primary reason people pick Team Fortress 2 over the competition. This page is powered by a knowledgeable community that helps you make an informed decision. The hits are impactful, the controls are super-responsive, and it's overall very fluid. The game has a good variety of weapons, skills and enemies that all change how the game plays out. Some weapons work best if the enemy is bleeding, some skills hurl enemies at you, some enemies are immune to attacks from the front. The reason I clicked on this guide was because I want to know what the upgrade costs of conquest gear are. I want to know exactly how much honor it would cost to get an alt from full 200 to 220 after getting rival (note: this is hypothetically at the end of season when you can get full 200 geared from conquest cap). Counter-Strike Global Offensive is one of the most played first-person shooters in the world. But with little gameplay changes over the years and countless hours spent playing it, it might get boring. This might make you want to try some other games, and since you liked Csgo, here are the 12 best games like Csgo, 2020 edition. 1. Valorant

2021.12.04 04:58 SirBianisko I'm starting today and would like to know which weapons are the best and which are boring with less variety

Guys, I would like to know which weapons you think are the best and most fun, I'm thinking about starting this morning and I'm very undecided, I liked the scythe, double katana, fists and staff, but I don't want to keep changing, so I wanted to know the opinion of those who play the longest about these weapons... like, if any of them are boring or don't have a lot of combo variety and stuff
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2021.12.04 04:58 Fluid-Daydreamer One of the largest Mammoth tusks ever found. It weighed about [135 pounds] and it was curled, growing up to 4.9 metres long. Some of these tusks found in permafrost in Siberia can be 50,000 years old.

One of the largest Mammoth tusks ever found. It weighed about [135 pounds] and it was curled, growing up to 4.9 metres long. Some of these tusks found in permafrost in Siberia can be 50,000 years old. submitted by Fluid-Daydreamer to Damnthatsinteresting [link] [comments]

2021.12.04 04:58 loopfission Steve Kirsch warns of "incomprehensible" conspiracy among government and science academia to push deadly covid vaccine

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2021.12.04 04:58 BlankCartographer53 My Japanese Microsoft IME stops working after awhile but types on suggestions instead?

Hi! I'm new to using the Japanese keyboard on Windows and I have a slight problem. The keyboard no longer types and it instead gives suggestions for other words. For example, if I type "M", it won't type it but recommends words like "mail" or message". I'm using the keyboard while in a game. Perhaps I turned on a setting?
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2021.12.04 04:58 B-96 Nerf the Nano-Armor Kit.

Today, I attacked the Liberator with Needler and Coyote for 1 minute.
Repaired by two engineers, it always had full HP, and I was killed by another enemy.
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2021.12.04 04:58 Lord_PM Fooliwag Fighter (F.F. as a Poliwag)

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2021.12.04 04:58 MrCreamPants Is lotemax or erythromycin ointment more effective for styes?

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2021.12.04 04:58 wiisportsresort_ Luann is not European

I'm just catching up on Girl's Trip and Cynthia says Luann is European... when she's not??? I swear she's from Connecticut?
I know she lived there for a while but Cynthia was making out like Luann has different/better values as if she isn't also American? I guess I'm just fed up of the countess stuff - it was like 10 years ago!
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2021.12.04 04:58 Borsewastaken Name reveal

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2021.12.04 04:58 Yater_Risky LF: registeel, moltres, lugia, rampardos(unreg) and rhyperior(unreg) FT: limited shinies

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2021.12.04 04:58 Visible-Direction-22 Does anyone know how to interpret my Sarkinova results?

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2021.12.04 04:58 Juhsteena INTERMISSION - Experimental Short film

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2021.12.04 04:58 Own_Stress6462 Anyone else feel like this xpac is super grimdark but the actual experience is comical?

So everyone you knew and loved in life that passed away have just been in hell this whole time? Brb, daddy dom is up again in Korthia.
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2021.12.04 04:58 Strict_Sail_3515 ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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2021.12.04 04:58 ShotRecommendation50 If the prices would be stale, what is more profitable for excess algo - staking on algorand wallet or staking in yieldly NLL for 10%?

Is there additional math to it or is it straight up better to go for higher % at NLL lottery?
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2021.12.04 04:58 CultivateMass Chances of STI from a finger in my mouth? Or are these guilt-induced somatic symptoms?

Early 30s/M Height/Weight: 6’ / 230 Race: White Duration: 1 week No medication or medical issues Drink & smoke weed occasionally (2-5x a month)
Backstory: I was at a bar for a friends birthday and at the end of the night I got a ride home from a girl, a close friend of my best friend. When she pulled up to my house, she told me she wanted to have sex with me. I was drunk and she was not, but told her no as we are both in relationships and I’m not a cheater. We had flirted a little that night, but nothing sexual just playful banter (yes some would consider flirting cheating).
When I was about to get out of her car, she told me she was very wet and started playing with herself for no more than 15 seconds. As I was drunk, I didn’t stop her but I didn’t engage or make any moves. A minute after that, she touched my mouth with her fingers that she just used to play with herself. I don’t remember much of this interaction (again.. drunk). Just before I got out of the car, she grabbed my hand and put it on her vagina, which I touched for maybe 5 seconds before pulling away. When I got inside I washed my hands immediately.
Symptoms: The next morning I had a sore throat (2/10 pain), which is not uncommon for me as I get strep 1-2x a year so I didn’t think much of it, and I was out with friends drinking and talking for 6-7 hours. I also, historically, get bacterial infections in my throat almost every time I give oral sex to someone so my tonsils are sensitive to new bacteria I guess.
However over the last few days I have felt a dull pain in my testicles. It’s not painful really but it’s noticeable. It doesn’t hurt to touch them, there’s no tenderness, but I can feel it occasionally throughout the day (mostly only when I think about it). I don’t have any burning while urinating, no discharge, no white spots in my throat, nothing that is considered a common symptom of gonorrhea or chlamydia other than a 2/10 sore throat which is still lingering, and dull ache in my testicles.
I have obviously felt a lot of guilt from this as I have a long term girlfriend. I know my girlfriend would be devastated if she found out, and I know being drunk is never an excuse, but I did not make any moves to continue or initiate, and the main mistake I made is entertaining the convo for too long instead of immediately removing myself from the situation. I was in her car for about 5 minutes after she pulled up to my house. My clothes didn’t come off, pants stayed on, we didn’t kiss, we didn’t even hug. She unzipped her pants and touched herself, and then put my hand there a few min later.
Additional backstory: When I was younger I had sex with a girl while I was ‘seeing’ another girl (not exclusively) but I felt incredible guilt which translated to physical symptoms of burning while peeing and a stinging urethra hole. My family doctor confirmed that I was negative for all STIs and sometimes stress / anxiety can cause physical symptoms.
So, my main question is.. what are the odds that I got an STI from literally the briefest sexual encounter possible? I know it’s theoretically possible, but no genitals touched, no oral sex, no anal sex, nothing even remotely close other than her hand touching my mouth (I guess that’s a form of oral?). Is this a case of somatic symptoms due to guilt? Are there any studies on the odds of an STI transmission from vagina fluid touching someone’s mouth / tongue after being exposed to air for a minute that I can read? Should I bite the bullet and just get tested and risk ending my relationship?
Thanks in advance.
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2021.12.04 04:58 DJ_Baxter_Blaise Has anyone else been trying to date for 4 years and has never had a boyfriend? I am so depressed about it at his point and just can’t stand it anymore. I hate being fat.

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2021.12.04 04:58 jookco Death - Dead - Obituary - Accident : Vancouver woman ID'd in fatal crash near Battle Ground - The Columbian Click link to read full story.

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2021.12.04 04:58 Stand-on-Toilet Halloween Nemo - by @dltkdrlf92 on Twitter

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2021.12.04 04:58 letterkennypr0blems My thoughts

There are about 1200 doge per Ethereum out there. when Ethereum hits 5k that makes Doge about $4.20! if you pair doge eth. together as one chain.
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2021.12.04 04:58 CheetahSperm18 Mona

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2021.12.04 04:58 MammothOpen8201 Verkaufe Katja Elena kamperi laramarieconrads und Alexis Ordner für jewals 5€ paypal

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2021.12.04 04:58 jack64467 LeBron James scores 23 PTS in Lakers defeat to Clippers 👏 💪

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2021.12.04 04:58 elc0 check me

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2021.12.04 04:58 Autismspeaks6969 Thanks to these two for a great night of Rowboat Adventures! Ye were the best!

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