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Hourly Wholesomeness

2021.12.04 04:16 Isbot2000 Hourly Wholesomeness

Hey, are you ok? To be honest, are you actually ok? You could be lying to yourself. If you don't feel ok, talk to someone, someone you trust. They won't judge you and will help you if you're going through a tough time. And you don't have to go into detail — if you just say that you're not feeling like yourself, that's enough. Just get the conversation going, and if you feel like there's more you want to talk about, then find someone you trust to sit down with you and get more in-depth. Remember, you're worth your time. This is a really important realization to make in your life. You're worth talking to.

beep boop im a bot
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2021.12.04 04:16 PlasmaBeamGames My review of Ultima Underworld II (Part 5)

My review of Ultima Underworld II (Part 5) Part 5 of my ongoing review of Ultima Underworld 2 is here! This time I look at the few flaws in the game, including the skill system. Some skills like Search are nearly useless, while Attack and Defence are so fundamental that I don't think they should be counted as skills at all.
Read the full blog post here: https://plasmabeamgames.wordpress.com/2021/12/04/ultima-underworld-ii-part-5/
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2021.12.04 04:16 palmfreeze If Titanfall 3 ever happens, it’s going to have Apex Legends on the box

I realize Apex is set in the Titanfall universe, but the first name has much more brand recognition. Wonder if it’ll be Titanfall 3: an Apex Story, or just big words plastered on the box saying from the makers of Apex Legends, but it’s gonna happen lol.
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2021.12.04 04:16 tfnasty Aquarium stand/dog kennel small update!

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2021.12.04 04:16 magicdog2013 What is the most cursed simile you can think of?

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2021.12.04 04:16 Baggz45 Is this the dip to buy $$$$$

I am fairly new. About 2 months into crypto. Got a BTC ETh CRO portfolio. Nothing major. Just enjoying the experience and new world I never k ew existed. But my question is. I have a few extra $$ laying around. And on top of that 1-2 more days left on my 30 days no fees for Crypto.com. So I’m inclined to buy Bc if the dip and also no fee. Are you guys holding off for more days? Weeks? To buy this big dip ? Or you satisfied with the current floor. Not to mention the fee would negate the few more % it may go down in a week or two
Thank you all
You are an awesome community
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2021.12.04 04:16 LiberalSinLibertad a

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2021.12.04 04:16 funnymoan Don’t know what to eat (Vegetarian rant)

I have been a vegetarian for about 5 months now, and honestly the hardest part for me has been finding food that I can eat that is healthy and that I can prepare fast. I live with my parents and my younger siblings, and they are all meat eaters. I have found that due to the fact that they all eat meat. I rarely ever get to eat their prepared cooked food. This is because 5-6 days of the week they are eating meat or fish. On top of that I can’t cook. Which has left me in a position, where I have become increasingly more reliant on fast food meals, frozen food and ready made meals from the grocery store or just cooked beans. I was wondering if anyone else has this problem, and if any of you guys have any tasty, easy, fast meal recommendations.
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2021.12.04 04:16 Hulksmashish Bruno My Vizlador loves his Slothy

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2021.12.04 04:16 Te_Ika_A_Whiro $1,000 computer equipment goes for a swim.

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2021.12.04 04:16 iiCreek Hey, it wont let me start a battle? Is this affecting anyone else? How do I fix?

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2021.12.04 04:16 g2g079 When in Rome... articulated dragon?

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2021.12.04 04:16 Demando12 Homura makes a second contract

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2021.12.04 04:16 furqen yıkık furqen

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2021.12.04 04:16 Not_Titan_Ananth It's beautiful!

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2021.12.04 04:16 PerchloratePenguin Under the War Memorial, in War Memorial Park, Singapore

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2021.12.04 04:16 lss_bvt_and_16 Hello World

Reddit is great
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2021.12.04 04:16 throwawayrk238 I'm going to visit my (27f) aunt (57f) who is severely depressed, and I'm not sure how to best help her.

I'm writing this on my phone, so I'm sorry for the messiness. I also apologize if my thoughts are quite scattered.
Cw: alcoholism, severe depression This one is a bit dark, but if anyone can relate and has some advice it would be very welcome.
This month I've arranged to go and spend a few days with my (25f) Aunt (57f). I haven't seen her since before Covid, and the past couple of years she has been in an extremely dark place.
After her divorce 6 years ago, her alcoholism and depression took a much stronger hold. She no longer leaves her house, has pretty severe complications related to alcoholism, and has obviously been drinking every hour day or night, throwing up constantly, sleeping all the time or not at all, rarely eating etc. She was in quite a hopeless daily routine of those things. It's gotten much worse the past few months, which I honestly didn't think possible.
She lives alone in a big city where she has no one (she burnt all bridges with any acquaintances the past few years), so she calls my mom (her sister) about 5-6x a day. When she calls she is often crying, and a lot of the time incoherent. Once in a while she will call just to talk, and bits of her old self peek through. She doesn't call anyone else other than my mom, myself, maybe rarely another one of her siblings...she hates it if people realize how sick she really is.
We all live quite far away so we can't do much but listen, offer advice or ask her if she's been seeing her doctor, etc. I can't begin to tell you how useless you can feel being hundreds of miles away, asking her if she's had anything to eat today or been outside at all, when you know the hell she is going through mentally.
She finally took herself to the hospital a few months ago (after we pleaded), and she stayed for a few days. The doctors had her on IV, fluids, ran tests and MRIs and found her to have pancreatitis and quite a number of other things wrong. They wanted to keep her longer but she wanted to leave, and a couple of days later she was back where she started. During that stint at the hospital the doctor said that she is unable to travel anywhere due to her health, which she is adamant about when any of us invite her to come and stay a while to get her feet back under her. Sadly I think some shame and embarrassment play a bit of a role in there, too.
This morning she called sobbing because she had just taken a drunken fall and banged herself up quite badly. She thought her ankle might be sprained or fractured. Obviously from so far away we can't do anything, so my mom tried to convince her to go to the hospital, to at least get her ankle looked at. She either avoids any talk of going to the hospital, or says she'll go the elusive 'next week'. If she does address the idea of going to hospital, she says she is scared they'll 'lock her up' or think the worst of her. She has said she sees no point in trying to get better, as she has other serious health complications she'll have to deal with on the other end of this, so 'what is the point?'. She absolutely is suicidal. She does not really want to be here, but she would never end her own life abruptly. She would rather stay in her home, drink until she doesn't have to think, and remain there.
So I've planned to head up to spend a weekend with her during the holidays. I feel horrible that she scrapes along each day on her own, and I'm pretty well aware that if things don't get better in the next month or two, this may be my last time seeing her. I don't think she's seen anyone in her family in a year, at least. Since her family are the only people she has a relationship with, she's been pretty isolated for this whole time.
My question is for anyone who have seen a family member in a similar spot. If you've dealt with a loved one barely functioning, sick as hell, and feeling hopeless. It might be a naive question, but I don't have much experience dealing with alcoholism and this much severe depression. How would you approach a visit like this?
Part of me wants to try and talk her into going to the hospital, spending my visit alongside her while she is in there so she doesn't feel so alone. I think having someone there in person may help her go to the hospital. I could try to support her through that process and make it a little less scary than if she were on her own. Maybe show some tough love in order to get her to go, if it comes to it. It worked once.
The other part of me knows that she may not go to the hospital, and that I can't force her to go. Maybe I should spend the weekend trying to give her some joy, being someone she can talk to, and trying to make her laugh. Maybe I should focus more on trying to let her have a good day in the midst of hundreds of dark ones.
I miss my aunt, and I hate what this disease has done to her body and her brain. She is all mixed up. I want to help, but I also know that she needs to want to help herself. It feels very messy from this close, and I'm struggling to rationally figure out how I can best help her.
How would you approach a visit like this? How do you know when to stop pushing for her to get help? And lastly...even if it sounds bad... Is there a point, after exhausting every option and every single thing you can do...is there a point that comes, where you need to listen to this person's wishes, that they don't want to try any longer? Do you try to make some good out of the time that they have left?
I would like to just add that I know I'm not a therapist and I'm not trying to be one. I know I can't fix this problem, and I can't singlehandedly turn things around for her. She needs medical, professional help. I am her family and her friend. I love her and I will do whatever I can to get her to the people who can help her feel better.
A tldr feels weird with this, but here. Tldr; what would you do to best help a severely depressed and sick family member?
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2021.12.04 04:16 Unravelthedusk Which one should I keep? Am giving the extra to a friend

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2021.12.04 04:16 TrigoreX I barely listen to music on spotify

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2021.12.04 04:16 g_yotch NY magazine and the pro-life argument: Adorpion saves lives.

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2021.12.04 04:16 lovemystocks Who is your least favorite player on your roster ?

Mine has to be vassell.
Picked him up with high hopes. And right before the five game week. But if he’s hurt and doesn’t play all five. What do I do ? If he played four ? Is it worth it ? I love everyone else but him.
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2021.12.04 04:16 FinnishMotorFreak mina🍃irl

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2021.12.04 04:16 rufinishedrudone Why do black men love white women so much?

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2021.12.04 04:16 Future-Examination26 If every house had this… 💭

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