Tomb Raider; Definitive Edition - Xbox One - Part 2

2021.12.04 04:06 SimplyGameplayOnly Tomb Raider; Definitive Edition - Xbox One - Part 2

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2021.12.04 04:06 MK34200 beginner, need help with upgrades

On the GMC I had a lift kit and something else, but sold it when I got the fleetstar. I adopted the fleetstar late because I didn't realize you could just recover it. After getting all these upgrades for it though, they're not available for my other trucks, and when I got something for my pickup those upgrades stayed only for the pickup. I thought that once I unlock it I can purchase it anytime, any truck? Sorry for being the noob but please be kind, I really like this game
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2021.12.04 04:06 PlsHlpMyFriend [WP] The zombie apocalypse has come. The tipping point has come and gone; the zombies will destroy humanity. You are a vampire, immune to the virus but trying very hard to keep your supply of blood from becoming zombies. You are now inadvertently humanity's last hope.

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2021.12.04 04:06 Major-Opportunity409 Acrylic painting, me, step by step, 2021

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2021.12.04 04:06 mona_em Am i the only one who is so tired of these someone vs klaus(or any other TO character) posts?

I thought there would be no post worse than the (who is the most powerful witch) posts but i was wrong. These ones are def more annoying
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2021.12.04 04:06 casstronomically Feeling hopeless

After many years of occasional antibiotics, then two rounds of 8 months of accutane over the course of two years, my acne is coming back again. I feel hopeless and cheated. I eat right, have proper hygiene, wash my pillow cases often, etc. This might be dramatic because to some people acne seems minuscule but I just wanna live my life without having painful sores all over my face and having people look everywhere on my face but my eyes when I speak to them. I actually like my facial structure and coloring underneath all the acne. I want my face to be seen not covered in disgusting angry red oozing holes and bumps. Im so self conscious and embarrassed to be seen. It’s not my only problem I have with my self image, I can’t loose weight either no matter how long I diet and go to the gym every day. But that’s a whole other story. I understand that life is unfair but the only way I can describe the way it makes me feel is cheated and frustrated. Call it vanity but it truly affects your mental health when every time you try to smile, you are reminded by an angry painful bump that you have angry painful bumps all over your face and they remind you of their presence every time you move your face.
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2021.12.04 04:06 sp00k101 Personal project, 3ds Max+Fstorm. Thoughts?

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2021.12.04 04:06 lonelyStranger00 Comment down below and I will stalk your account and if I find you interesting, I will dm you

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2021.12.04 04:06 prashu2482 really , where ?

really , where ?
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2021.12.04 04:06 Forsaken-Error3398 The Sandbox Alpha Launches | Game Passes as the Entry point Item | and What to Expect — Hive

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2021.12.04 04:06 kotaxio102 Here’s how to survive a market crash/correction

I see a lot of concern from people worried about their portfolios and an impending major market correction. They’re wondering what to do. I’ve been investing for a minute and here’s what to do besides simply “buying the dip”.

  1. Keep it all in perspective. Between the analysts, the news cycle, and CNBC. It can feel like the entire market is on the bridge of a collapse that will last forever. It’s not. There have been 26 major corrections/crashes since World War II. It’s taken them all on average 4 months to return to their previous highs.
  2. I know it feels like it, but you probably didn’t buy at the peak. Historically the S&P 500 reaches a new all time high about once every 15 days. All time highs are incredibly common. Don’t be stressed when you see a dip right after you bought in.
  3. But even if you did by at the peak you’re going to be fine. If you invested 50,000 dollars at every peak before every crash since 1970 (1972 crash -48%, 1987 crash -34%, 1999 Dot Com bubble -49%, 2007 Mortgage crisis -52%). You would have still turned 200,000 into well over 2 million if you never sold.
  4. A good company is a good company. The greatest athletes in the world have bad performances. It doesn’t mean they’re suddenly bad players. If a company has a good CEO, good growth outlook, strong fundamentals, then don’t stop believing just because everyone’s worried about the Fed’s interest rate hike.
  5. Be honest with yourself. Did you buy that stock/etf because you really believed in the company? Or because your friend told you to. Or because you heard Jim Cramer say it couldn’t go wrong. Or because everyone on Reddit said it was great. A market correction is a good time to know if you really like a company or if you were just speculating.
Do you really have a high risk appetite? Or did you just feel that way because you thought the bull market couldn’t end? Learn from the correction and change your investment strategy so when the next correction comes you won’t waver
  1. Enjoy your life. Don’t stress. I know it’s a lot of money. But a bull market will come again and so will another bear market. Life has ups and downs. Just enjoy the ride. That’s what makes life worth living.
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2021.12.04 04:06 del_snafu Iron Workers pose for a photo atop of the North Tower of the World Trade Center, 1973

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2021.12.04 04:06 -Neurotica Hey, where would be the best place in Knoxville to sell my cello?

I'm assuming FB marketplace might be the best place, but I was wondering if there were any small music stores that would give me a decent price for it. Haven't really been to too many music shops in Knoxville yet outside Guitar Center.
It's a decent, lightly used cello. With new strings it could be an excellent instrument. I don't play much anymore and need the money more... Could pawn it, but I feel like I could get more money elsewhere. Is facebook my best bet? Or could I do alright with a shop around here?
Thanks in advance. Also generally interested in opinions on different music stores in Knoxville. So feel free to plug your favorites.
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2021.12.04 04:06 freshprince0fdc Neoprene sleeve for the rg280v

I purchased this neoprene case for the Gameboy Advance SP and it fits the RG280V well. It’s easy to remove and provides the light protection I was looking for.
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2021.12.04 04:06 StompinKlompen Bats have roosted in the attic/in-between the floors of the house. Looking for a solution.

I'm a city boy that just moved out to my girlfriend's house in the country in southern Canada and have been dealing with bats in the attic and in-between the floors of the house. It's an old brick house built in the early 19th century. In the spring I had a pest control guy come by and place a one-way cone in the gable of the roof that would allow the bats to exit the attic but block them from re-entering. Both of us have been all around the house trying to seal up as many holes as we can see but the buggers have come back as the weather has gotten cooler. In theory sealing the whole house makes sense but practically it seems quite impossible given the construction of the house.
I've looked into the idea of building a bat box on the property but I have a few concerns. Will building a bat box not just attract more bats to the property overall and increase the likelihood that they roost in the attic again?
Looking for any advice on how to get them out of the house!
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2021.12.04 04:06 IbroskiI my best friend doesn't like the guy i'm talking to

For context: my best friend and I are freshman in college and we're both 18. her and i have been friends for 5 years and we're 100% honest with each other about everything. We live together. My best friend is also known to be brutally honest at all times. My best friend is protective of me because I've had a history of picking shitty boyfriends in the past along with dealing with mental illness. Because I had a history of bad boyfriends, I decided to take a break from dating so that I could focus on myself and growing and maturing into the person I wanted to be. It has been two years since I've last had a boyfriend and I've recently decided to get back into dating.
Normally I use tinder as a joke, but around two weeks ago I matched a 19-year old guy and we clicked instantly. We've been talking nonstop and have hung out twice, both of which we hooked up. I really enjoy talking to him and the hangouts went great. I have yet to see any red flags from him yet and I've noticed he's incredibly different from the guys I used to talk to. He's extremely respectful of my boundaries, is an excellent communicator, genuinely cares about my opinions, and is very big on consent.
The boy came over a few days ago to hang out and she met him briefly for five minutes and was analyzing him. Last night, I mentioned him in a conversation and she immediately gave me a lecture on why I should immediately ghost him. Of course, she's my best friend and I trust her, so I asked her to explain because I genuinely wanted to know why she thought that and to hear her opinion.
She said that I didn't know a thing about the guy but that I was already hanging out with him, that we were moving way too fast and that I looked desperate. She kept asking, "what if he has aids? or herpes? or an STD? and he didn't tell you?" to which i said, "that's valid, but literally anyone could have any of those things, not just him." She also brought up how he's from a poorer city than us and how I should look for someone with a higher status, maybe someone from the city we were from. I reminded her that the place we were from was a bubble of rich assholes (we went to a private catholic all girls high school- i'm sure you can already imagine how all the girls had expensive cars and clothes) and that I didn't wanna hang out with an asshole just because they had money. She said "you're thinking with your heart and not your head, you gotta do what you gotta do." Now the boys where we were from are absolute dog shit- i'm sorry but its true. i don't wanna date someone i won't like because they have money- i wanna date someone because i genuinely enjoy their presence. She gave this reasoning because I plan on going to medical school to be a doctor and she believes that I should be with someone who is at my level, not someone who's going to bring me down.
My best friend had the same money that everyone in my hometown did, but i myself didn't. I was blessed to lived comfortably, but no one ever bought me anything. I've held three jobs in my life and am about to take on a fourth job so that I can buy myself a car so that I can come home from college when I want to. Everything remotely expensive that I own (my previous car, my laptop, iPad, things like that), I bought for myself with my own hard-earned money. My entire family lived in a basement until I was 7, for god's sake. What I'm trying to explain is that another person's status and wealth has never been that important to me and has never been a determining factor for a relationship, and I don't think it ever should be. No one can control the family they were born into. I also don't believe that he is poor- the technology he owns indicates otherwise.
She also mentioned that I didn't know what his parents did for a living, and that obviously whatever they do for work isn't good because of the area in which they live. I retaliated by saying, "i've known him for two weeks, of course I haven't asked him what his parents do for a living, the subject has literally never come up." she added that he is unintelligent because he attends community college. I responded by saying that "community college isn't bad, however he's transferring out to a bigger college later next year" I also don't believe that he's stupid- he's majoring in a type of engineering and is working to help pay for his tuition.
It has been two weeks and all I know is that i enjoy talking to the guy and would like to get to know more about him and that I also do want to see where this talking stage between he and I goes. After she had voiced all her thoughts, I told her "listen, you're my best friend, and i know you're just looking out for me, and i'm going to think about everything you've said, but can you at least trust me to let me see where this goes?" She responded no. I repeated all of the things i said and finished with "but i'm going to keep talking to him because I want to see where this goes." she responded with a really judgmental "ok but don't tell me i didn't warn you" The reason why she
I immediately called my cousin after and explained the entire conversation to her to which she said, "she's definitely overreacting, and i think you should keep talking to the guy. you never know what its going to turn out to be, and i think you should see where it goes."
although i am keeping my best friend's concerns in mind, i can't help but think about how much i disagree with what she's saying. wealth and status isn't everything. what i do with my future is my own choice and whatever job i take on shouldn't be for anyone else except me. no one would bring me down if i had a relationship with them because everything i do for my future is up to me.
it's been two weeks and she's already formed such a strong opinion on the guy. however, i'm interested in him and want to see where it goes. she's right that i don't know much about him obviously, but continuing to talk to him to see where it goes is the only way i can actually get to know him. i'm also 18, i'm young and i've just barely started my own life, as has he. the question of if we're going to date is barely a thing right now, we've only started the talking stage two weeks ago. am i in the wrong for continuing to talk to him?
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2021.12.04 04:06 Ready-Hope-560 “Buy the dip”

Like what the f is a “dip”. Oh yea bro the market just “dips” w/ 0 fundamental causation. 100x times a month bro. Like seriously, completely mindless garbage.
People just getting dumped on. The dip bro. The dip. All the smart people buy the dip.
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2021.12.04 04:06 Future_Ad1420 GOAT #OTSUTSUKIFUCKER

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2021.12.04 04:06 CostaEste64 pos

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2021.12.04 04:06 peareoke Coyote Shivers - Sugarhigh (Karaoke)

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2021.12.04 04:06 ezzzhuuin I got the ultra rare corrupted twau skin, but a what cost

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2021.12.04 04:06 acf3301 Add me please. LA area active for raid invites and sending gifts

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2021.12.04 04:06 shooting_star_2020 Is it bad that i want to marry a virgin girl only?

Im a virgin myself (19M)
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